Love Island Star ‘Splits’ from Pregnant Girlfriend Weeks before Due Date

Former Love Island star Biggs Chris and his girlfriend, Summer Hawkins, have reportedly ended their relationship just weeks before the arrival of their first child. The couple’s separation has come as a surprise, considering their recent announcement of the pregnancy.

Biggs Chris, a 31-year-old Scottish native, gained fame through his appearance on Love Island in 2020, where he dated fellow contestant Rebecca Gormley. After his time on the reality show, he ventured into a relationship with Summer, a 28-year-old teacher who had decided to leave her job and move to Scotland to be with him.

Their love story began in 2021 and quickly evolved. In June of this year, they shared the joyful news of their impending parenthood. The pregnancy announcement delighted their followers and indicated that their relationship was flourishing.

However, recent reports suggest that the couple has chosen to part ways due to a series of disputes and conflicts that had arisen between them. An insider disclosed that the decision to split was difficult but ultimately made with the best interests of their unborn child in mind. The source stated, “It’s very sad, but Summer and Biggs have decided it just isn’t working. They want what’s best for their baby, and they just don’t think it’s being together at the moment – they were arguing too much.”

The insider also mentioned the possibility of reconciliation, saying, “They might end up giving things another go, but for now, they want nothing to do with each other – and have even unfollowed on socials.”

The report of their breakup has stirred discussion among their followers, with many expressing their concern and support for the couple during this challenging time. While Summer has not yet publicly addressed the news, Biggs posted a selfie on his Instagram Story with a caption that appeared to reference the rumours, stating, “Don’t believe everything you read, please.”

The couple’s journey has been marked by significant life changes. Summer, who had been working as a teacher, decided to make a life-changing move to Scotland to be with Biggs, taking on the role of a stay-at-home girlfriend. This transition came as a result of their desire to be together and the opportunities for financial stability offered by their relationship.

Summer explained her decision to relocate, saying, “Biggs and I were in a long-distance relationship. My rent was so high, and I was struggling at work, so Biggs offered to look after me. All I had to do was move to Scotland, and I’d never have to worry about money or stress again. I moved in with him in June 2022, and I don’t regret it.”

She further shared an endearing detail about their daily routine, demonstrating their affection for each other. “Every morning without fail, I get up before my boyfriend Biggs and turn the shower on so it’s nice and hot for him when he gets in,” Summer said.

As the couple navigates this unexpected turn of events and the challenges that lie ahead, their followers and fans will likely continue to offer their thoughts and support. The fate of their relationship remains uncertain, leaving room for the possibility of reconciliation in the future.

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