E4 MAFS UK’s Laura Storms Out and Fumes ‘Stop Filming’ after Heated Arthur Row

In an exclusive turn of events on E4’s “Married At First Sight UK,” Laura Vaughan is shown in a furious confrontation with her husband, Arthur Poremba. The explosive clash between the couple leads to Laura storming out and demanding the filming to halt.

The episode set to air tonight promises a continuation of the intense tension between Laura and Arthur. The previous episode left fans heartbroken as the couple continued to disagree during their homestay. Laura invited Arthur to her home in Chelsea, London, where they had dinner with Laura’s friends, Cam and Lucia, and an incident escalated into a heated discussion about their future as a couple. This led to confrontations and allegations between Arthur and Laura’s friends.

In the upcoming episode, the fallout from the intense clash is revealed as Laura expresses her frustration with the situation. She recounts the previous night, stating, “Last night was awful, like really really bad.” Arthur acknowledges the situation, expressing that he felt attacked and asserts that he will apologise to Cam, with Laura questioning the sincerity of his statement.

An exchange unfolds between Laura and Arthur, with Laura pointing out Arthur’s lack of apology towards her and concern for her feelings. Despite Arthur’s assertion that he handled the situation with pride, Laura remains dissatisfied. This dissension prompts Laura to abruptly call for the filming to stop and she exits the room. Arthur appears bewildered by her reaction.

Last week, fans sided with Arthur after the tense dinner table confrontation. Some viewers criticised Cam and Lucia’s conduct towards Arthur, expressing disapproval of their treatment of him.

Several viewers took to social media platforms, with one user expressing, “Laura’s pals are awful to Arthur. I just don’t get it!” Another viewer shared, “I would never be with someone with friends like that. Arthur should run for the hill, he deserves way better than this bunch of mean girls.”


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