Kanye West Demands People Stop Using His ‘Slave Name’ And Use His Real Name Instead

Kanye West, the artist formerly known as Kanye Omari West, has reiterated his desire to be addressed simply as “Ye,” shedding his previous moniker for what he views as personal and artistic reasons.

The legal change, approved by a Los Angeles judge in 2021, officially recognised “Ye” as West’s new name, signifying a departure from his former identity. Following the release of his eponymous 2018 album, the 46-year-old artist declared his transformation, stating, “I am YE.”

Explaining the significance of the name in a 2018 interview with Big Boy, West referenced its biblical meaning, symbolising unity and collective identity. He described “ye” as encompassing both the positive and negative aspects of humanity, reflecting the complexities of human existence.

In a recent letter circulated by West’s chief of staff, Milo Yiannopoulos, the music industry was urged to honour the artist’s name change and cease using his previous appellation, which he deemed a “slave name.” Yiannopoulos emphasised West’s legal and permanent adoption of the name “Ye,” calling on streaming platforms, publishers, and other entities to respect this decision.

Yiannopoulos underscored the significance of self-determination for a black man in America, citing West’s own characterisation of his former name as a “slave name.” The letter urged widespread adoption of the new name across various platforms and industries.

While West’s name change may seem unconventional, it is not unprecedented in the music industry. Artists like Prince, Snoop Dogg, and Sean Love Combs have all undergone name changes, reflecting shifts in their personal identities and artistic personas.

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