Caitlyn Jenner Tells Elon Musk He’s ‘Public Enemy Number One’ and That She’s Concerned about His Safety

Former Olympian and Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Caitlyn Jenner has revealed she is worried for the safety of Elon Musk in a recent Tweet.

It comes after the release of ‘The Twitter Files’ which detail how the platform responded to requests from both Donald Trump and Joe Biden to deal with content at the time of the 2020 election.

Journalist Matt Taibbi shared a thread in which he detailed Twitter’s decision to suppress a New York Post story regarding Hunter Biden and his laptop. He explained that by the point of the 2020 election, it was “routine” for Twitter to get requests to remove content.

“Both parties had access to these tools. For instance, in 2020, requests from both the Trump White House and the Biden campaign were received and honored,” he writes.

However, Taibbi said that the site took “extraordinary” steps to hide the story about Hunter in particular. This was because the files appear to show the company did it independently and without any external forces putting pressure on to do so.

However, The Washington Post concluded that the documents released thus far have failed to create the bombshell Musk seemed to be anticipating. The outlet said that the files “produced no smoking gun showing that the tech giant had bent to the will of Democrats.”

Despite this, the files have still caused the latest furor over Musk’s position.

In a Twitter Space livestream on Friday, the billionaire said that he should probably “increase his security”. This was following a question as to whether he was feeling the pressure after the documents were released, even though he has claimed not to have released the files himself.

He also hit back at the media’s coverage of the story.

“Rather than admit they lied to the public they’re trying to pretend this is a nothingburger,” he said during the Twitter Space. “Shame on them.”

Musk further tweeted: “Twitter acting by itself to suppress free speech is not a 1st amendment violation, but acting under orders from the government to suppress free speech, with no judicial review, is.”

He also declared that there would be another “episode” of the Twitter files, but it will come in “another day or so,” as of December 3.

His current situation has led to an outpouring of support from one celebrity in particular — Caitlyn Jenner.

On December 2, she tweeted: “@elonmusk I hope you are surrounded by massive security and in an extremely safe undisclosed location – you just became public enemy number one to some very very bad people, I pray for your safety and thank you for your bravery! We need more @elonmusk in our society!!!”

The Tweet, which now has over 300,000 likes and 32,000 retweets, has garnered a mixed reaction from the internet.

One person commented: “No one plays the victim quite as well as the rich and elite.”

Another wrote: “Why? Nothing of import, certainly no evidence of a crime, was revealed.”

A third said: “You know I have always liked you and have respected your choices in life but I have lost all respect for you by supporting Elon shows who you really are…”

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