Joe Rogan Wants ‘the Rock’ to Come Clean about Steroid Use after Liver King Scandal

Commentator Joe Rogan has said he wants Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson to come clean about using steroids in the wake of the Liver King revealing his impressive physique is the result of steroid use.

The fitness influencer was exposed last week by Derek from the YouTube channel More Plates More Dates. They revealed that the Texan, whose real name is Brian Johnson, has spent over $10,000 each month on steroids to enhance his body. This came as a shock to some fans, who have been led to believe that it is his carnivorous eating habits that allowed him to create such a remarkable figure.

He has since apologized, writing on his Instagram: “A real man knows when it’s time to look in the mirror… to start taking full accountability for his actions.

“I have neglected to model two of the most important values I preach… honor and integrity.

“Today, this changes.”

The YouTube channel obtained emails between Johnson and his bodybuilding coach regarding the influencer’s steroid cycle. Details show that the star was having 3 injections a day.

Rogan discussed the exposed star on his famed podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

“I wasn’t surprised at all,” he said. “It completely makes sense but that’s exactly what I expected. There’s no way you can look like that, in your forties, that jacked, I mean he’s preposterously jacked.”

In response to this scandal, Rogan urged another well-known and well-built but older star to come forward about their potential use of steroids.

“The Rock should come clean right now,” said Rogan.

“He should make a video in response to the Liver King video like, ‘I need to talk to you because the Rock’s been lying.’ There’s not a f*cking chance in hell he’s clean, not a chance in hell as big as the Rock is at fifty.”

“The point is you can’t even get there with HRT (hormone replacement therapy). That’s not HRT. He is so massive and he’s so different than he was when he was 30.”

The podcast host went on to clarify that he didn’t think there was anything wrong with steroid use, just that stars should be honest about it.

“There’s a responsibility that you have to the people that are listening to you. If you don’t want to talk about it that’s one thing but if you do talk about it, there’s a responsibility that you have to the people who are listening to you.

“I think you have to be honest… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with HRT. I think it’s smart but you got to be honest.”

He continued to say: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing steroids to achieve that sort of physique for a movie either. I do think there’s something wrong with lying about it.”

To be clear, the Rock has never admitted to substance abuse of any kind, apart from when he was in his late teenage years. He told MTV back in 2009: “Me and my buddies tried it back in the day when I was eighteen or nineteen. Didn’t know what we were doing.”

However, per Joe, reports have suggested that he may have used them during his wrestling career in the late nineties.

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