Matthew Perry Says He Can’t Rewatch Friends

Matthew Perry is known for playing one of the most loved characters in the history of television, but the fifty-three-year-old actor has revealed that he can’t bring himself to watch back any of his iconic performance.

The star has been candid about his struggle with addiction through the years. The star spoke to People about his struggle back in 2013, where he revealed that he had a “big problem with alcohol and pills” that he “couldn’t stop.”

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More recently, he shared his experiences in his book Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, where he revealed that he suffered a near-death experience in 2019.

As a result of his opioid addiction, Perry’s colon burst, and he had to undergo serious surgery. Doctors put his chances of survival at just 2 percent.

“I will have to live out the rest of my days knowing that my mother and others heard those words,” he wrote about the incident.

Thankfully, Perry did survive, but faced a 2 week-long coma, 5 months in hospital and 9 months of using a colostomy bag.

“I had realized that my greatest fear had come true, which is that I did this to myself,” he said. 

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However, Perry’s addiction issues predated this incident by some margin. In fact, he recently opened up to CBC that he won’t rewatch Friends, which ran from 1994 to 2004, because he knows what substances he was on during each season.

“I was taking fifty-five Vicodin a day, I weighed 128 lbs, I was on Friends getting watched by thirty million people — and that’s why I can’t watch the show, ‘cause I was brutally thin,” he said.

“I didn’t watch the show, and haven’t watched the show, because I could go, ‘Drinking, opiates, drinking, cocaine’.

“I could tell season by season by how I looked. That’s why I don’t wanna watch it, because that’s what I see.”

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He went on to illustrate one particularly bad day of filming on set.

“At one point I was shaking so much that if I was gonna go from the bookshelf to the table, I’d have to quickly do it and put my hand on the table so I wouldn’t shake,” he revealed. “It got that bad.”

He even began to well up during the interview: “You know, the thing that always makes me cry — and I hope I don’t cry here — is that it’s not fair. It’s not, it’s not fair.

“It’s not fair that I had to go through this disease while the other 5 didn’t. They got everything that I got, but I had to fight this thing — and still have to fight this thing.”

The star has revealed in the past that he can’t remember much of his experience filming the beloved show.

The Fools Rush In star was asked what his favorite episode to film was on BBC Radio 2 back in 2016, and he struggled to come up with an answer.

“Oh, my goodness,” he said, per HuffPost. “I think the answer is, I don’t remember 3 years of it. So none of those … somewhere between Season 3 and 6.”

“A little bit of the time, I was a little out of it, yeah,” he admitted.

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