GMB Fans Fear For Ben Shephard As He’s Punched By Chris Eubank Jr Live On Air

Presenter Ben Shephard got the shock of his life on Good Morning Britain after pro boxer Chris Eubank Jr went to town on him while showing off his boxing moves.

Chris Eubank Jr has followed in the footsteps of his father, the former world boxing champion Chris Eubank. Chris Jr held multiple championships in 2 weight classes between 2015 and 2021 and has only improved since then.

His skills are evident, as he was later ranked as the world’s fourth-best active middleweight in 2022, so his career is really stepping up.

He recently appeared on Good Morning Britain to gain some media recognition for his upcoming fight, and host Ben Shepherd got thrown in at the deep end. 

Ben described the boxing exercise as the “longest twenty seconds of my life” during this morning’s show. And after watching what he had to endure, we can see why. 

When Chris was introduced, co-host Kate Garraway couldn’t help but offer Ben up to give the audience a taste of what was to come.

Kate said to Chris: “So you have three fights this year… how about another one?”

However, no one expected Chris to be as brutal as he was, and it left a lot of viewers concerned. 

The challenge was that the host had to take a whopping twenty seconds of punches to the stomach from Chris, and it was hard to watch. 

Before the challenge, Ben said, worryingly: “I think he’s knocked out thirty-three people. I feel a bit queasy.”

GMB’s other guest Ranvir Singh also chimed in, saying: “I’m a bit worried about this.”

Kate then joked: “Yeah, honestly. We were chatting to the producer last night about what was going to be in the show today and I said ‘you don’t need to show me that, what’s this about Ben getting pummelled?’ And Father Christmas did get my letter after all.”

Ben added: “It’s nice to get support from your friends isn’t it?” 

Producers made sure he didn’t go into the challenge without protection, and he was padded up to the max.

Chris also gave him some advice, telling him to tense up, claiming that it would help “absorb the punches”.

And just in case anything went wrong, Dr Hilary Jones was allegedly “on standby” to help with any problems that might occur. 

People on Twitter were quick to respond to the shocking moment, with many sharing how worried they were after seeing Ben’s reaction to the punches…

One said: “Well done, I hope you’re okay Ben.”

Another added: “Well done Ben. I bet you are all bruised tomorrow though.”

“Bet Ben will be sore tomorrow,” a third quipped.

“Ben’s intestines will be in bits,” said another.

Ben later addressed the concerning scene on Twitter, explaining that it “seemed like a good idea at the time.”

We hope he’s recovering well!

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