One hard-core Thor fan thinks they’ve figured out the reason behind Jane’s emotional death in Love and Thunder. And we have to admit, it makes a lot of sense.

According to a Redditor, the tragic death of Jane in the latest movie may be linked to the Reality Stone’s radioactivity. This hypothesis suggests that the stone could actually be the cause of her cancer and not her transformation into The Mighty Thor.

As we know, many characters have come into contact with the Infinity Stones, but Jane’s experience with the Reality Stone was extraordinary, as it literally became part of her. She went through something no human in the MCU has ever gone through before, so it was bound to have an effect on her physical body. 

The Redditor u/MultiverseOfSanity shared their thoughts behind this theory, writing: “I think Jane’s encounter with the reality stone gave her cancer.

“Infinity stones are incredibly dangerous to humans, and we know it was killing her in Thor 2. Hulk said in Endgame they output high levels of gamma radiation.

“Gamma radiation would make her temporarily sick and it can produce long-term effects, such as cancer.”

For those of you who aren’t up to date with the Thor timeline, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) first got roped into the cosmic adventure when she discovered Thor (Chris Hemsworth) while studying astronomical anomalies in New Mexico. 

Then, in the second film, Thor: The Dark World, she found herself in front of a mysterious portal. Upon entering, she was taken to a hidden location that housed the Aether (reality stone). To her surprise, the stone chose her, and its power slowly became part of her.

Knowing there was no other option, Thor brought Jane to Asgard as a last resort in hopes of having the Aether removed from her body. But it was Malekith the Dark Elf (Christopher Eccleston) who actually had the power and capability of draining it away.

Although he managed to detach the Aether from Jane, the damage was already done, and later on, we found out just how much harm the stone had caused.

Anyone who’s watched the last movie knows that the intense power doesn’t just make her stronger, it also takes its toll on her body. And as the stone, made of gamma radiation, was inside her, it makes sense that this is what causes her cancer.

It seems there are a lot of other Marvel fans that agree with this theory too, and dozens have responded on Reddit with their own ideas…

One wrote: “I think this is a slam dunk, so clearly that I am surprised they did not just say it. But the question is why didn’t more non super people who were around infinity stones get terminal cancer?

While another commented: “Coupled with the magic in Mjolnir, her natural healing ability against cancer was shot too. It’s no doubt Mjolnir acts against the reality stone based on Thor 2 encounter, and that’s why Thor thought he could destroy Aether with Mjolnir. So when the body that hosted the Aether held Mjolnir it backfired… At least that’s what I think.”

What do you make of the theory?

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