Love Island’s Will Young Snuck Sheep Into The Villa In An Ingenious Way

Fans of the hit series Love Island will know that one of this year’s contestants, Will Young, is a farmer. In fact, he’s so much of a farmer that he found fame on TikTok sharing farming-related content before he even entered the villa!

However, one thing that has amazed fans is that the twenty-three-year-old loves his animals so much that he even managed to sneak some in with him, albeit in an unconventional manner…

The second-ever winter series began earlier this month, with Maya Jama leaving viewers stunned by her iconic entrance to the villa. 

The news that Jama would be taking over as host came out last year, when the twenty-eight-year-old was unveiled as the fresh presenter of the popular dating series. It followed Laura Whitmore’s announcement that she would be departing the show due to “new conflicting projects.”

To get you caught up on all the drama that’s gone on so far, let’s have a quick recap.

Girls Tanya Manhenga, Lana Jenkins, Anna-May Robey, Tanyel Revan and Olivia Hawkins all made their way to the villa seeking love. Similarly, boys Kai Fagan, Ron Hall, Shaq Muhammad, Haris Namani, as well as our farming icon Will young, joined in on the quest.

When it came to the secret bombshell, Tom Clare’s entry caused quite a stir, adding to the already-high drama levels. The footballer walked into the villa after the five couples had been paired up already.

It didn’t take long for him to familiarise himself with the girls and quickly came to the conclusion on who he wanted to couple up with. The newcomer chose Olivia Hawkins.

A decision that left farmer Will Young in danger of being eliminated.

The Buckinghamshire native was given another chance when bombshell Zara entered the villa. Sadly though, the model seemed more interested in the other guys, namely footballer Tom, and rejected Will’s advances.

It seemed that he wasn’t making any progress with the other girls either, so much so, that viewers are wanting ITV to step in and put an end to his suffering.

Fans got so concerned that some even began to call out for him to be dumped from the villa to save him from the pain.

One fan wrote: “Do the Love Island producers pick somebody to go on every year that doesn’t fit the profile just to show that they are inclusive… Poor Will it’s cruel tbh.”

Another pointed out that Will was losing his spark. “Love Island is a cruel place man,” they said.

However, they certainly spoke too soon, as not before long former Love Island Australia star Jessie Wynter came in, and so far it seems that all her attention is on Will.

It’s no surprise, really, seeing how just gosh darn adorable he is.

So adorable, in fact, that he struggled to leave his beloved farm animals behind at home…

The nail artist for the villa Ella Jarvis, @ellabella_nails, shared a snap of Will’s hands, and fans have gone crazy over what they’ve seen!

The islander has one nail featuring an adorable little pig, and one on his other hand featuring a sheep (of course!).

One person commented: “Stoppppp these are so cute!!”

Another said: “No but will’s nail art of pig and sheep was so cute.”

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Will anymore, we are proven wrong!

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