The Huge Amount Of Money Robert Downey Jr Made From Iron Man Has Been Revealed

Since he starred in the 2008 Iron Man film, Robert Downey Jr. has gained enormous recognition…

It has now been disclosed how much he earned, and fans think he deserves every penny. 

Now, as fans will already be aware, Robert Downey Jr. is one of the best-loved stars on the planet, mainly thanks to his legendary performance in the Iron Man films.

Iron Man introduced Tony Stark as the first official member of the Avengers, which was undoubtedly a pivotal moment for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The movie was so well received that it even found praise outside of the Marvel fanbase. It also became part of something bigger, It is regarded as the start of phase one of the MCU’s creation.

And it was clearly a huge success, as the first Iron Man movie alone made almost $600 million!

From there, the universe expanded with a whole host of different characters. The end of the first phase culminated with the classic The Avengers movie from 2012.

But there’s an even more major thing that Iron Man did for the superhero industry, he introduced the idea of a modern superhero. 

Stark takes on the classic “playboy philanthropist,” and no one could embody the character better than RDJ did throughout his time as Iron Man. 

Downey Jr. famously played the character in ten different movies, and fans are even convinced that the actor deserves an Oscar for some of his performances!

Despite this, he was paid just $2.5 million for the original 2008 film, as it wasn’t expected to be a huge success. However, it was. And four years later for the first Avengers movie, Downey would earn over $50 million.

And the overall sum he was paid for all his on-screen appearances for Marvel over the years has got a lot of fans talking…

One wrote: “Robert Downey Jr’s role as Iron Man probably made MCU what it is now. He deserves everything he gets. Pretty sure I followed marvel as long as Iron Man was still alive and stopped right after. (Mcu ended with Endgame, anything after that were just cash cows). After Robert, Tom Holland’s role as spider man is what was keeping MCU on its last legs.”

While another commented: “His in so many scenes and was the rocket that propelled all things marvel so yes he should be the highest earner! To him, I’d tell him to say ….. why Thankyou I am most worthy!”

“His movie is the reason everything else started. He deserves every penny! He worked so hard to come back and prove to himself he could do it!! Go on RDJ!!!” a third echoed.

Another passionate fan added: “He brought real life to the character of Tony Stark – he was flawed, weak and knew his entire industry traded on war but he changed and grew to fight against evil. Great actor and deserves his rewards.

At present, it’s estimated he’s made over $435 million from the MCU alone.

That doesn’t include his other income streams, either.

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