People Are Freaking Out After Finding Out Why McDonald’s Got Rid Of Ronald McDonald 

For many years, Ronald McDonald served as the company’s mascot before fading from view, and now the disturbing reason behind his departure as the faithful mascot has been revealed.

His history goes as far as the 1960s, and he frequently appeared on television and in McDonald’s commercials. 

McDonald’s was the first to bring out the Ronal McDonald character as the “newest, silliest, hamburger-eating-est clown” way back in 1963.

Although the new mascot was first met with scepticism by many, he rapidly won over everyone and established himself as the face of the fast-food franchise.

Regrettably, the company’s announcement that Ronald would be taking a break in 2016 marked the end of his reign.

This came after a strange fad in which pranksters would rush out at individuals wearing eerie clown costumes.

Certain people even used weapons to spread terror, and this practise spread all throughout the world.

It started in the US but quickly spread to the UK, where authorities deemed it to be “no laughing matter.”

McDonald’s noted in a statement at the time that due to the “current climate around clown sightings in communities,” it would be doing its best to be “thoughtful in respect to Ronald McDonald’s participation in community events”.

A statement on the McDonald’s website read: “We’re afraid that Ronald McDonald no longer appears in McDonald’s UK advertising, but he is still very busy working for us.

“He often travels up and down the country to help promote some of our exciting new activities and visits our restaurants to make sure everyone is enjoying their meals.”

Although Ronald’s decline from prominence was mostly caused by the clown sightings, there has been a long-running movement to have McDonald’s drop its mascot.

He was criticised for allegedly pushing kids to eat unhealthy meals, and in 2011, 550 physicians published newspaper ads demanding that he step down.

It read: “We ask that you stop marketing junk food to children.

“The rates of sick children are staggering. Ballooning healthcare costs and an overburdened healthcare system make treatment more difficult than ever.

“And we know that reducing junk food marketing can significantly improve the health of kids.”

After learning about the move, dozens of social media users spoke out about the decision, with one writing: “Stupid reason. They were a huge part of my childhood. They had play places back when I was a kid.”

While another said: “He didn’t retire, he just took off his makeup and ran for US president in 2020. The clown now resides in the white house.”

“Awww, we miss Ronald! Meanwhile, Burger King still has that creepy King dude promoting burgers lol,” a third commented. 

A fourth added: “They are better off going back to how they made the burgers in the beginning or scrap the whole thing!!!”

Another joked: “Oh no how would they continue living without Ronald Mcdonald I bet their lives are in shambles now.”

Another shared their own reasoning for why they would have gotten rid of him, writing: “Because…. he’s nightmare fuel? And if he ever came near you you’d want to Negan him with a barbed wire bat. That’s a good reason.”

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