Beyoncé is a music icon, and when it comes to her concerts, she never misses…

However, the prices to see her on stage are starting to bother American fans.

The cost of concert tickets in the United States has risen to the point that it is now less expensive to purchase a plane ticket and attend the performance abroad, according to music fans.

Mercedes Arielle, a Dallas-based Beyoncé fan, said on Instagram that she had saved money by flying to Sweden to witness the Renaissance concert rather than purchasing a ticket locally.

In order to secure tickets, Arielle went to great measures, saying, “Beyoncé is a ministry.”

She told The Washington Post: “When I think about the things she is saying in her music about experiencing joy and celebrating black women? She made us feel empowered and capable and strong and worthy.”

While her friends in Dallas spent $900 on VIP tickets to the concert, Arielle told NBC News that she only paid $366 for hers.

And added that she was so close to the singer on stage that “Beyoncé is gonna sweat on me. That’s how close I am.”

28-year-old Kylyn Schnelle from Louisville, Kentucky also claimed that tickets for the performance in her city were selling for more than $800 online.

According to Schnelle, who checked online and discovered tickets in London along with a flight, the vacation cost the same as seeing the musician in Kentucky.

“When I looked in London, it was 167 pounds [about $200], and the flight was, like, $660,” she said.

“I was like this is genuinely the same cost.”

“If you’re going to spend $800, why would you not milk it as much as possible?” she said.

After hearing the shocking news, many social media users spoke out about the prices, with one writing: “You’re not only paying for her… You’re also paying for the production, the dancers, the people who cooperate in the organization of the tour, the people building and breaking off the stage, the ‘rent’ they need to pay the stadiums to have the show on that specific day and the costs to get everyone on the right place on the right time. Those people also work for their living.”

While another commented: “Understand that they need to make money but with her and her husband rocking a combined net worth of what 1.8 billion one would of thought a discounted ticket price wouldn’t hurt, especially for the fans that have helped her become that wealthy in the first place.”

“If people stop paying the prices if they still want to make there millions they will lower the prices. Everything has gone up why can’t stars try to give a little,” a third said.

Another added that the tickets are only expensive if you want to see the star up close, as normal seating starts a lot less than the prices they were stating. “Unless they’re trying to sit front row of course they’re expensive. Tickets in Seattle start from $99.”

What do you think, would you pay that much?

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