Wheel Of Fortune Host Tackles Contestant In Bizarre Moment

Wheel of Fortune has had us all on the edge of our seats recently, but Tuesday night’s episode was by far the most shocking for viewers.

Now, each Wheel of Fortune episode is opened by the hosting duo, Pat Sajak and Vanna White.

And the pair usually waste no time in introducing the episode’s latest contestants, before challenging them to spin the famous wheel and answer questions in the battle for the much-desired cash prize.

As we know, when contestants answer the puzzles correctly, they can be in for a big sum of money…

The episode started like any other regular edition of Wheel of Fortune, but then things took an unexpected turn.

The episode’s main player, Fred, revealed he had a variety of skills, including being a professional wrestler, bar trivia presenter, and acting instructor.

Nonetheless, Fred added that he receives “very little” compensation for his participation in the sport and that he enjoys wrestling “for the enjoyment.” It was this comment that definitely caught Sajak’s attention.

Fred had a fairly good night, as he won a lot of rounds in the episode centered around the theme of Hawaii. He was on a roll after figuring out the riddle with the “Pineapple upside-down cake”.

After which Sajak joked: “Well, the Fred Fletcher Jackson show continues.”

Fred was able to advance right to the end of the game with $5,700 in his bank account thanks to his clean sweep, leaving the other contestants in the dust. 

“To you two, I want to say it happens sometimes – someone just gets really hot,” Sajak said to the other guests on the show.

“Just because he’s a professional wrestler… You want me to body slam him for you? I can do that.”

But that wasn’t all, Sajak was left shocked when Fred correctly guessed the final sentence, “His mind is wandering,” earning him an additional $40,000.

It was at this moment that the host grabbed Fred from behind and began to wrestle him.

Fans had a lot to say about the episode, with one writing: “I was at the taping (my husband’s show was taped right after and is airing tonight!!!) and everyone loved it.

He’s a wrestler, and they made a few jokes/references during the show about it! Pat was leaning into that and Fred loved having that moment with him!”

While a second viewer wrote: “What’s the big deal? Pat was being Pat with a contestant who is a professional wrestler! Who’s trying to cause trouble? Certainly not real fans who were listening to the interviews and knew what the fun was about! I’m getting tired of the Pat bashing-stop already”

Another commenter shared: “It was obvious early on that the contestant was comfortable in the spotlight and had a good sense of humor. I don’t think Pat would have done that with a more reserved personality! ”

“What is the deal it has been months that people have been blasting wheel of fortune. It is a game show some people win some lose that is how a game is played. Pat Sajak is a great host and people are making him out to be an evil person. Come on guys get over it,” a fourth said.

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