McDonald’s Flipped Its Arches Upside Down To Make a Powerful Statement

Customers were surprised to see that McDonald’s flipped their iconic golden arches, but it turns out there was a powerful meaning behind it. 

The month of March, which not only has International Women’s Day on the 8th, but is also Women’s History Month, has been observed by a variety of businesses. 

And Mcdonald’s pulled out all the stops to show their support.

The company reversed its iconic golden arches on its digital platforms, some of its packaging, and at least one U.S. restaurant. 

The fast food juggernaut flipped their arches upside down in recognition of International Women’s Day. Meaning the typical M for McDonald’s became a W in honor of all women globally. 

Many noticed the McDonald’s restaurant in Lynwood, California had changed all the signs both inside and out to mark the occasion. 

The eatery has been owned by Patricia Williams for three decades, and according to the Oak Brook, Ill-based fast food company, Williams “has since encouraged her two daughters, Kerri Harper-Howie and Nicole Enearu, to work with her. Patricia, Kerri, and Nicole represent the hardworking and dedicated women we have in our system.” This is why this particular restaurant was chosen to feature the upturned sign. 

According to McDonald’s, women manage six out of ten of its restaurants. The chain stated that it created a new sign with the reversed golden arches for the Southern California location, took down the old sign, and then put up the new one.

While this is the only location to have the new sign installed, several other restaurants featured unique packaging, such as boxes, cups, and bags. And employee caps and T-shirts with inverted Golden Arches were also used.

The upside-down M is “in honor of the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere and especially in our restaurants,” the burger chain’s Chief Diversity Officer Wendy Lewis said in a statement. “From restaurant crew and management to our C-suite of senior leadership, women play invaluable roles at all levels and together with our independent franchise owners. We’re committed to their success.”

According to the company website, there are three women among the fast food chain’s top 10 corporate leaders and three women on its 12-member board of directors. In addition to this, three women are on the seven-member U.S. leadership group.

McDonald’s representative Lauren Altmin said the new logo honors women worldwide. “We have a long history of supporting women in the workplace, giving them the opportunity to grow and succeed.” Says Altmin. “In the U.S. we take pride in our diversity and we are proud to share that today, six out of 10 restaurant managers are women. The logo will be changed on all of the company’s social media channels and 100 restaurants will have special “packaging, crew shirts and hats and bag stuffers.”

People had a lot to say about the move, and not everyone was impressed, with one customer joking: “They are changing their name to WcDonalds. So instead of Mac Donalds they will be called Wac Donalds short for Wacky Donalds or perhaps Wic Donalds. Or instead of Mickey Dee’s they will be called Wickey Dee’s (haha).”

While another said: “Equal pay, paid university, and free child care would have been a more powerful message.”

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