Someone Turned The Simpsons Into Real Life People And It’s Horrifying

The ability of one artist to transform well-known cartoon characters into “real-looking” individuals has left the internet astounded.

Hidreley Diao (@hidreley), a contributor to the website Bored Panda, stated that he creates his surreal photographs using a combination of photoshop and the smartphone applications FaceApp, Gradiente, and Remini.

With a little assistance from artificial intelligence, well-known Simpsons characters like Moe Szyslak, Milhouse van Houten, Bart Simpson, and Ned Flanders have been made to appear like real humans… almost real.

The images have a bizarre uncanny valley feel to them, and it’s pretty unsettling. 

In a piece for Bored Panda, Hidreley explained: “When we watch some animation, it is natural to accept the cartoonish proportions of the characters without any problems, after all, we are quite used to this type of trait.

“But what if, as in a spell, they became real, flesh and blood?

“I tried to bring them into our world through artificial intelligence.”

He added: “I’ve done some similar posts by other authors here on Bored Panda.

“I wanted to try something out myself, and so I dove into the world of AI. This time, I challenged myself to try to do one on the theme of cartoon characters.

“In terms of how they all turned out, I’m more and more pleased with the results with each post I make.

“I really liked how Moe Szyzlak, Ned Flanders and Milhouse Van Houten turned out because initially I thought that the Simpsons drawing style would be very hard to emulate on ‘real life’ terms, but they are actually very easy to recognise.”

The artist concluded: “I’ve been exploring the world of artificial intelligence recently, and I can tell you, it’s a world without limits!

“With the rise of AI-assisted art generation, there are virtually (no pun intended) no boundaries for digital art, you just have to be creative and know how to guide the blind hand of the machine.”

Since then, the artist has created even more works employing AI, with one of his more recent pieces attempting to replicate actual photographs of historical personalities.

Just last week, he took to Instagram to share a series of images along with the caption: “What if they were living in the 21st century now? Imagine meeting one of them in a party, or even in a supermarket?”

And his creations have received a lot of mixed responses, with one writing: “They are really good! I don’t think that’s how Bart would look but I myself wouldn’t be able to do a better job.”

While a second commented: “Please !!!! Make a real-life Simpsons just saw some of the characters just brilliant Millhouse and Ned really made me laugh.”

“They should make a real-life film of the Simpsons like they have been doing with all the Disney films,” a third echoed. 

Another said: “It turned out really good but I think it exaggerated the size of Lisa and Maggie’s eyes. Homer and Bart looked perfect… Can’t even tell they aren’t real.”

What do you make of the images, are they spot-on, or a little too real?

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