The Rock’s Insult Made Ludacris Break Character, But Still Ended Up In The Fast And Furious Movie

An insult that the Rock ad-libbed may have made Ludacris break character, but it still ended up in the Fast and Furious movie.

As we know, Dwayne Johnson is one of the most recognisable celebrities in the world.

With his staggering 6 ft 5 inches, 260 lbs frame, he’d be pretty hard to miss – but it’s his expressive face (and infamous eyebrows) that really set him apart from the rest.

He started out in the world of WWE, where he became one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. This is where Johnson first earned his nickname “The Rock” — thanks to his ring presence. However, he decided to try his hand at acting, knowing there was limited longevity in wrestling.

Johnson successfully transitioned his career into this sphere and is now as well known as an actor as he was as a wrestler, which is pretty impressive.

Since starting his acting endeavour, Johnson has been in a whole host of different titles. From Black Adam and Jumanji, to The Game Plan and Tooth Fairy, Johnson is everywhere in Hollywood.

He even made it to Disney. Johnson voiced the demigod Maui in the huge Disney hit Moana — complete with an amazing song and rap which sent the internet into hysterics.

However, he is probably most famous for his performances in the Fast and Furious movies. He plays Luke Hobbs, an intimidating special agent and self-described “ice-cold can of whoop-a**.”

He has featured in 5 of the franchise’s films, but one of the star’s best moments has to be in Fast and Furious 6, in what has been dubbed the ‘forehead scene’.

In the clip, Johnson is approaching a backyard BBQ, where Tyrese Gibson is standing behind the grill.

“Hey Mia, you better hide your baby oil,” Gibson says, a dig directed at Johnson’s former wrestling past. “I’m just playing,” Gibson adds.

Taking almost no time to counter this, the Rock hits back: “You better hide that big a** forehead.”

Ludacris, who has been standing on the sidelines next to Gibson this whole time, immediately spits out his drink in a rather impressive display.

“I was just joking but whatever,” Gibson responds, before the scene cuts.

Fans have taken to the comments to praise the scene, and Johnson’s quick wit.

“True unscripted reaction by Ludacris. One of the best scenes in the movie,” one person wrote.

While another said: “People always be talking about Luda’s reaction, but the fact Tyrese stayed in character the whole time to finish the scene was amazing.”

A third wrote: “The best part is, the Rock literally forgot what he was supposed to say and just improvised. So that was Lud’s actual reaction.”

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