Simon Cowell Issues Heartbreaking Health Update

Simon Cowell has issued a heartbreaking health update.

The sixty-three-year-old pop mogul is one of the biggest names in the music business, but he recently opened up about the heartbreaking health issues tormenting him behind the scenes.

Now, Cowell is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, known for his sharp wit and no-nonsense attitude. He first rose to fame as a judge on reality talent shows such as American Idol and The X Factor. Cowell’s candid and often harsh critiques made him a polarising but respected figure on his shows.

Beyond his judging role, he is also a successful record executive, responsible for launching the careers of several music artists. Cowell’s impact on popular culture and his knack for identifying talent have made him an influential and recognisable personality worldwide.

However, recently, fans have shown concern for the star, as he has seen some changes in his appearance leading to some saying they no longer recognise him. Some have even gone as far to say that they are “alarmed” by his new look that he debuted in a video.

One fan said: “That doesn’t look like him at all.”

Another commented: “He did have a bad auto accident a few years ago perhaps it is from that accident.”

Cowell broke his back in 2020 after falling off an electric motorcycle, in what was a pretty nasty accident.

However, the star’s latest update has less to do with his physical wellbeing and is more focused on his mental health.

Cowell opened up about his experience with therapy, revealing that he started to see one last year.

“I wish I’d done it twenty years ago because this is a very stressful business,” he shared, as per Mail Online.

He continued: “Having an outlet once a week where you can just talk in what I call a safe space and just talk about how you’re feeling and no-one’s judging you… I would say to anybody, just do it.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s like exercising your brain, in the same way you exercise your body.”

The Britain’s Got Talent judge added: “I think it was a very American thing years ago, ‘I’m seeing my therapist’ and as Brits we never quite understood that. 

“But, no, these people are really great people and they’re trained and their job is to make you work out what you think is a problem and they tell you it’s not quite the problem you think it is.”

The London native revealed that his obsession with ratings “started to drive [him] nuts.”

“I just look at what we’re making and if I think it’s good, that is enough for me,” he added.

He shared: “Everything’s about perspective. There’s always people who will do better than you and people who may not do as well as you. And you’ve just got to find your balance, where you feel comfortable.”

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