American Idol Winner Iam Tongi Speaks Out After Claims Show Was ‘Rigged’

American Idol has come to an end, with 18-year-old Iam Tongi from Kahuku, Hawaii, winning season 21.

From the beginning, Tongi was in the lead. With 16 million views in three months, his first Idol audition became the most watched video on the show’s YouTube account.

However, many spectators have since alleged that Tongi’s victory was the result of a “sympathy vote” and that the whole competition had been “rigged” in his favour.

Iam Tongi went through a lot of emotions after winning the most recent season of American Idol, but thankfully, James Blunt was on hand to help him through it all.

The star performed Monsters alongside Blunt, and appeared visibly emotional during the season finale.

Tongi could be seen wiping the tears from his eyes mid way through the song, indicating that the song’s lyrics affected him. “Don’t be afraid, it’s my turn / To chase the monsters away,” he struggled to say as Blunt carried the performance, giving a look of reassurance to Tongi.

It’s understandable why the song had such significance for the star, as it was not only his audition track, but it was also a dedication to his late father, who Tongi revealed sparked his passion for music.

He gave a heartfelt performance during his audition, dedicating it to his father. Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan all gave him a standing ovation.

It seems Katy Perry knew he’d go far in the competition, as during the show’s Disney Night, she said to him: “I believe it’s written in the stars,” adding: “I don’t believe in coincidences. I know that you’re Iam, but when I see your name, I see ‘I am the next American Idol.’”

And fans clearly agree, as thousands have taken to social media to share their congratulations to the American Idol winner.

One wrote: “This was by far the most real authentic and so beautifully emotional duet I had ever witnessed in my life let alone on American idol it was so powerful I ain’t going to lie I’m glad they went to commercial break right afterwards because NOBODY could it hold together I salute James Blunt for stepping up and allowing him to gather hisself and was supporting him throughout the performance just a powerful and very touching performance.”

While another commented: “Wow, I thought I fell apart the first time I heard Iam sing this… and listened to it at least 50 more times, as well as all his songs, and listened to James Blunt sing this too… But, I was not prepared for this double whammy, and it was as if I was again hearing it for the first time. That, and the caring heart each showed each other, to make it through this song, singing whenever they could, no matter what may have been rehearsed or planned…. and seeing James show how much he loved that Iam sang it from his own heart…


However, not everyone was impressed with his win, some have claimed that it was all down to a”sympathy vote” and that the show had been “rigged” in his favour.

One Twitter user wrote: “American idol is rigged. Colin Stough was the best one out there. Big Hawaiian dude that has the best sob story is going to win. American Idol I thought it was about talent.”

While another agreed, writing: “Lol idol has ALWAYS been rigged but folks are just now noticing it? lol Neither one of the final 2 should’ve won. I’ve said it since the beginning. His sob story about his dad, rip, would be the reason he won. That’s how #Idol spun it and that was the outcome #AmericanIdol.”

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