Viewers Are Saying This New Horror Series Is ‘Too Terrifying To Finish’

Viewers are getting seriously spooked out by a new horror series called FROM, which people are saying is ‘too terrifying to finish’.

The series combines horror with sci-fi to leave viewers with a truly skin-crawling experience. It is currently on its second season, and people who have managed to get this far are singing its praises.

The show’s synopsis reads: “Unravel the mystery of a city in middle U.S.A. that imprisons everyone who enters. As the residents struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy and seek a way out, they must also survive the threats of the surrounding forest.”

A town in the middle of nowhere that you can’t escape? Already sounds absolutely terrifying to me.

In fact, it gets worse, as the forest surrounding the town crawls with creatures who make their way into the streets after dark. The second season sees the townsfolk try and figure out just exactly why their home has such an awful curse on it, which in turns leads to yet more horrifying antics.

Starring Harold Perrineu, who you might recognise from Lost as well as The Matrix Reloaded, alongside Scott McCord, Eion Bailey and Catalina Sandino Moreno, the cast of the townspeople do a brilliant job of making you stay on the edge of your seat.

It just takes a quick look at who’s behind the show to realise why everyone is already talking about it, despite it only just being into its second season. The list of executive producers includes big names such as Jack Bender and Jeff Pinkner, who were the brains behind Lost, as well as Marvel’s the Russo brothers.

Viewers have taken to social media to share their excitement at what is being dubbed the ‘scariest show anyone’s ever seen.’

One person wrote: “I haven’t watched anything that’s as scary and creepy as #FROM. This show is absolutely scary, but I’m a mystery and sci-fi nerd, so I will soldier on.”

A second said: “Is there a twitter account for the show #FROM #FromOnMGM because this show is too good to not be talking about. I’m on the edge of my seat with my heart racing each episode.”

A third commented: “I have just discovered FROM on Stan and I’m losing my absolute mind So good, so scary, so mysterious, so unhinged.”

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