Mia Khalifa Left In Tears After Fan’s Girlfriend Makes Vile Joke

Mia Khalifa has recently spoken out about an incident where the girlfriend of one of her followers made an extremely vile joke, which caused Mia to break down in tears. 

Khalifa dominated the adult film industry throughout 2014, and even though she was only active there for a brief period of time, her influence was profound.

Although she left that life behind, it seems that some people won’t let her forget her past.

As some may already know, Mia soared in the ranks on several adult film sites and very quickly became one of the most viewed performers in the world.

In a recent episode of Steven Bartlett’s podcast Diary Of A CEO, the former adult actress admitted that her decision to enter the industry was motivated by an “abusive” relationship she had while she was in her late teens.

According to Mia, her former spouse, who was serving in the US Army at the time, introduced her to the world of adult films and pushed her to get involved in them. She revealed he had been grooming her and using her as a “toy to play with,” as she now defines the relationship as extremely unhealthy. 

Khalifa’s family later disowned her despite the fact that she had only been in the industry for a short time, and she is now conscious of the fact that “some mistakes aren’t forgivable” as she goes about her daily life.

Mia has discussed the impact of her short stint as an adult film star many times before and how it has shaped the person she is today, but back in 2020, she shared a heartbreaking story of a fan interaction that left her in tears.

She sat down with Anthony Padilla, the YouTube sensation, a few years ago to reveal all, she began: “I was at a business meeting in London and I was there with a company that I had just signed with.”

She continued: “It was the two men who were the heads of the company and my manager at the time. We were just sitting down celebrating having just done a great press tour for the project we were working on, and I get come up to by this guy and his girlfriend.”

Khalifa declined the man’s request for a picture since she was having lunch in a work setting at the time. Although, she acknowledged she probably probably could have handled it better.

She called the man “rude” for approaching her while she was eating with other people and defended the way she rejected him.

After this, the man’s girlfriend subsequently interjected and cracked an awful joke. “I told you that wasn’t her. There’s not enough c*m on her face. Let’s go, babe,” she said. 

Understandably, Khalifa was severely impacted by this hateful remark, and she withdrew to the toilet where she sobbed uncontrollably. “I didn’t really know how to handle it, especially because it came from a woman and especially because I was there for business,” she said.

Fortunately, the businessmen she was with, were very sympathetic and made an effort to console Khalifa; as a result, it didn’t affect their professional relationship.

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