Michael Jordan Breaks Silence On Son’s Relationship With Larsa Pippen And He’s Not Happy

Michael Jordan has spoken out about his son’s relationship with with Real Housewives of Miami star Larsa Pippen, and it seems as though he disapproves.

Many people will be aware of Jordan’s amazing career achievements, which include six championship wins with the Chicago Bulls and multiple Olympic gold medals, he’s a sports icon!

But recently he’s been in the news for other reasons, as he has given his opinion on his son’s relationship.

Although Larsa’s ex-husband is rumoured to have met Marcus four years ago at a party, the two covered their relationship since Marcus’ renowned father is a competitor of Larsa’s ex-husband’s.

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, both former NBA stars, had a public falling out and have since been at odds, despite their great years together as teammates with the Chicago Bulls.

Before calling it quits and formally divorcing in 2021, he and Larsa were married for 20 years.

Larsa and Marcus are thought to have begun dating around 2022, although it appears that MJ isn’t the biggest fan of their relationship.

Recently, after a meal at Matignon in Paris, the NBA player was approached by paparazzi about his opinions of the couple. At first, he laughed, but when pressed further, he simply said, “No.”

This stands in direct contrast to what Larsa has been telling those close to her, as she was questioned about her relationship with the Jordan family during an appearance on The Tamron Hall Show earlier this year, where she said: “I feel like, we’ve spent holidays together and it’s good. We’re in a great place.”

The public’s curiosity about their connection has been further piqued as a result of Scottie’s revealing that Larsa’s OnlyFans has suffered significantly as a result of her romance with Marcus.

Larsa openly questioned Marcus about his thoughts on her OnlyFans account and whether he had thought about asking her to remove it on their podcast Separation Anxiety.

Marcus expressed a view that some people would find surprising, stating that he “did not have a problem with it” since he saw it as a “source of income” for her.

But Larsa said that her OnlyFans had decreased ever since she started seeing Marcus, and she even stated that she would delete it if that’s what he wanted. 

She said: “Well, by the way, it’s not good for business since I’ve been with you. Literally, the people that write me on there are not happy I’m in a relationship with you. But it’s fun.”

Dozens of people have spoken out about Jordan’s apparent disapproval, with one writing: “Well whether or not if it is correct or wrong choice, it’s really the son’s choice.

“The more you disagree or argue, the more they will defy you. The parents are entitled to their opinions but his son is over 35. He needs to make his own decision. You must allow them to make their own choices – whether if you think it is a mistake or not.

“The son must learn on his own. Sometimes it is hard to say your opinions. The son needs to know where you stand but you got to allow them to decide.”

Do you agree?

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