Steve Harvey Apologises And Blames Staff Member For ‘Unfunny Comedian’ Tweet

Steve Harvey has apologised after one member of staff went a little off piste with the star’s Twitter account.

“A comedian you don’t find funny at all?” Harvey’s account asked on Twitter, now known as X, back on 19 August.

The tweet went mildly viral, amassing a few responses, but it was picked up on by Jess Hilarious on the radio show The Breakfast Club.

I hope that it wasn’t him though. That don’t seem like Steve Harvey behavior,” said Hilarious. “In today’s world right now where everything is already negative on social media … [for] you to post something like that in this climate: ‘A comedian you don’t find funny?’ That’s crazy.”

After the tweet was deleted, the Family Feud star addressed the incident in a video he shared to the app in which he said he needed to “get into some nature” and “do some fishing”.

He captioned the video “I’m personally addressing this,” and addressed the incident from what appeared to be the edge of some woodland.

“Somebody works for me on my Twitter put a statement out that was totally negative. I gotta take responsibility for it ’cause they work for me. But the engagement was talking about ‘name a comedian you don’t think is funny.’ Why would I do something like that?”

Harvey went on: “That don’t even make no damn sense. My whole brand is to be motivational, and I’m gonna turn around a say something like that? You don’t know where these young people at in they career, man. They could be coming up or anything. I’m all about positivity. I would’ve never done nothing like that.”

He went on to address the rumours that the tweet was an attempt to bait some engagement for his social accounts.

“I’m so pissed off right now, man,” Harvey said. “Talkin’ about, ‘I was trying to get some engagement.’ Okay, okay, you trying to get some employment, too.”

“My bad, y’all. Now I gotta come on here and do a damn selfie. So here it is: I’m sorry, man. My bad, y’all. Won’t happen again though,” he concluded.

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