Netflix Viewers Left ‘Traumatised’ After Watching ‘Horrifying’ Sci-Fi Movie

Netflix viewers have been left ‘traumatised’ after watching one of the streaming service’s latest movie additions.

Splice is a 2009 sci fi horror film directed by Vincenzo Natali. The film follows the story of 2 genetic scientists, Clive and Elsa, who work for a pharmaceutical company and experiment with splicing animal DNA to create hybrid creatures for medical research.

In an attempt to push the boundaries of science, they secretly introduce human DNA into their experiments, resulting in the birth of a humanoid creature named Dren.

As Dren grows, Clive and Elsa form a paternal bond with her, but as she develops at an accelerated rate, her behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and unpredictable. Clive and Elsa struggle to control Dren as she becomes more human-like and begins to exhibit dangerous tendencies.

As their experiment spirals out of control, Clive and Elsa are faced with ethical and moral dilemmas about the implications of their creation.

Starring The Pianist actor Adrien Brodie as Clive and Dawn of the Dead actress Sarah Polley as Elsa, the movie is a truly horrifying watch as viewers have commented.

One said: “Just watched Splice, never felt so disturbed in my life.”

Another wrote: “I don’t know why they decided to let that traumatic movie available for all.”

A third added: “This movie made me physically ill.”

A fourth commented: “People on TikTok are just finding out about the movie Splice and besties I’m still in therapy over that ending. Please save yourselves.”

A fifth shared: “I saw this movie when it came out at 1 in the morning at a drive in movie theatre on a date. The movie theatre is surrounded by dark woods. I’ve never been so scared in my life to get out of the car and find the concession stand when I needed to use the ladies room. Great way to get a girl to cuddle up to you on a date too. So many people haven’t seen this movie and it’s truly one of a kind and so bizarre it’s amazing.”

While a sixth wrote: “The most f***ed up movie I’ve ever watched. Splice. It’s on Netflix.”

Aside from its horrifying qualities, viewers have also praised the movie for its sophisticated themes.

Splice delves into themes of scientific ethics, the moral implications of genetic manipulation, and the complex relationships between humans and artificially created beings.

One person said: “I watched Splice thinking it might be just another horror movie, dumb and chaotic, fun and gory. But it wasn’t. Such a great female body horror film and a surprisingly haunting meditation on motherhood and gender. What does it take to be a woman, a mother, a daughter?”

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