Love Island’s Liberty Poole ‘Thrown’ as She’s Dumped for Megan Barton Hanson

Love Island alumna Liberty Poole found herself disheartened after her Welsh companion, Callum Hole, firmly positioned her in the friend zone, his attentions redirected towards bombshell Megan Barton Hanson.

In the recent episode of Love Island: The Games, Liberty felt disenchanted as cheeky and charming Callum, who had struck up a palpable connection with Megan Barton Hanson, decided to switch gears and cool things off with Liberty, his original coupling from the show’s commencement.

During an awkward chat, Callum candidly confessed to Liberty that he saw their connection more as a friendship, leaving her visibly perturbed. He disclosed his interaction with Megan, emphasising the resonance and ‘vibe’ he felt with her, which further disappointed Liberty. Although upset, Liberty expressed her appreciation for his upfront honesty.

Reflecting in a later interview, Liberty conveyed her disappointment, drawing parallels to her past experiences. She acknowledged the contrast between her initial perception of romance with Callum and his subsequent shift in interest toward Megan, leaving her uncertain and desiring a genuine, enduring connection.

She confided in Love Island USA contestant Imani, acknowledging her dismay over being rejected by Callum. Attempting to console Liberty, Imani suggested exploring other connections, reminding her of the multitude of options in their environment.

Taking Imani’s advice, Liberty approached new bombshell Johnny Middlebrook. However, their exchange did not run smoothly. Liberty perceived Johnny’s confidence as ‘alpha energy’ and, in turn, Johnny admired her ‘curves.’ Yet, their conversation took a comical turn as Liberty attempted to emphasise her academic prowess but encountered difficulty due to her accent, leading to laughter and a language barrier.

As Liberty navigates potential connections within the Love Island villa, the evolving dynamics and connections will reveal whether she and Johnny can bridge the gap of understanding and ignite a romantic spark or remain lost in translation.


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