Netflix Edited Out Kim Kardashian Getting Ruthlessly Booed At Tom Brady Roast

Kim Kardashian’s moment of being booed at Tom Brady’s roast has vanished from the live broadcast and the subsequent version available on the platform has been altered, with the uncomfortable instance now edited out.

The incident, which occurred during Sunday’s show, involved Kevin Hart introducing Kim, only to be met with a chorus of boos from the audience as she approached the podium. However, in the revised version, those few seconds of disapproval have been excised. Instead, the segment seamlessly transitions into Kim’s material, where she lightly pokes fun at Kevin’s height.

Although the booing itself was swiftly removed from the online version, it quickly circulated across the internet, demonstrating how such moments can linger indefinitely in the digital realm.

But Kim’s challenges at the roast didn’t end there. Tony Hinchcliffe took a jab at her during his segment, mocking her sex life and former partners. Additionally, Tom Brady made a personal dig at Kim by referencing her nervousness about attending the event because her children would be staying with their father, Kanye.

Despite the removal of the booing incident, other jokes targeting Kim, such as those made by Hinchcliffe and Brady, remain in the uploaded version. This includes the ribbing aimed at Robert Kraft that prompted Tom to intervene and consult with Jeff Ross, as well as the jokes made at Aaron Hernandez’s expense.

Although the edited version now indicates it’s been altered, the extent of the changes beyond Kim’s moment remains unclear. Requests for comment from Netflix have yet to receive a response.

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