2-Hour Documentary On Real-Life Conjuring House Left Investigators Extremely Ill

The infamous “Conjuring” house, known for its eerie history and supernatural legends, is the focus of a new documentary series by the team behind “Ghost Adventures.” This docuseries, airing on Discovery+, promises to delve into the mysterious and chilling events that have plagued the Harrisville, Rhode Island property for decades.

The house, originally made famous by the 2013 horror film “The Conjuring,” is based on the real-life experiences of the Perron family, who reported numerous paranormal activities during their time living there in the 1970s. The Perrons claimed to have encountered disturbing phenomena, from disembodied voices to violent spirits, all of which were chronicled in the film and the investigations by renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

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Zak Bagans, the lead investigator of “Ghost Adventures,” and his team aim to uncover more about the house’s dark past. The documentary series, titled “Ghost Adventures: The Conjuring House,” will explore the legends and personal accounts that have made the house a hotbed of paranormal activity. Bagans is well-known for his deep dives into haunted locations, and his expertise will be key in unraveling the mysteries of the house.

In the series, the “Ghost Adventures” team will spend extensive time at the property, using their usual array of investigative tools to capture evidence of the supernatural. They will be joined by several paranormal experts and historians who will provide context and insights into the house’s history and the reported hauntings. This approach aims to combine both scientific and anecdotal evidence to present a comprehensive view of the house’s eerie reputation.

Bagans shared his excitement and apprehension about investigating such a notorious location. “The Conjuring house is one of those places that has a reputation for being extremely active,” he said. “We’re looking to document those energies and uncover new details about the haunting.”

Andrea Perron, one of the original Perron family members who experienced the hauntings, is also involved in the series. Her firsthand accounts will provide a personal and emotional layer to the investigation, offering viewers a glimpse into the real-life horror that inspired the movie. Perron’s participation adds authenticity and depth to the documentary, as she recounts the terrifying experiences that have stayed with her and her family for over four decades.

The “Conjuring” house continues to be a point of fascination for both paranormal enthusiasts and skeptics alike. Its history, filled with tales of unexplained events and malevolent spirits, has cemented its place in the annals of haunted lore. The new series hopes to shed light on why this house, in particular, seems to attract so much supernatural attention.

The Harrisville property has seen a resurgence in interest, partly due to the rise in paranormal reality TV and the ongoing popularity of the “Conjuring” film franchise. Previous owners of the house have reported a mix of skepticism and eerie experiences, adding to the mystique and controversy surrounding it.

For those intrigued by the paranormal or fans of the “Conjuring” universe, “Ghost Adventures: The Conjuring House” promises to be a gripping exploration of one of America’s most haunted locations. The series aims not only to entertain but also to provide new insights into the mysteries that continue to envelop this infamous house.

As the “Ghost Adventures” team prepares to unveil their findings, viewers are poised to experience the chilling atmosphere of the “Conjuring” house like never before. Whether you believe in the supernatural or are simply curious about the stories that haunt this Rhode Island property, the series is set to offer a compelling look into a place where the line between the living and the dead blurs eerily close.


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